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Another Visit to Banff

We took a family trip to Banff again this year. It has always been a popular choice, even when we lived in Ontario. This time, though, we could actually bring the dogs as we live close enough to drive rather than fly.

The temperature was great but unfortunately a huge wildfire across the border shrouded most of the mountains in smoke so we couldn’t quite enjoy them in all their glory.

We made the best of it though, even tackling Cory and Edith Passes. I found it a little challenging, having not hiked for awhile now – not to mention that I am a chicken so I don’t really enjoy rocks sliding out from under my feet when I am up pretty high.

(This is the part where I tell you that, despite the blog name, you won’t find any hardcore hiking stories or tips here – Sorry!)

The two littles (Oliver and Juno) weren’t brought along on most of the hikes with us due to the temperature, conditioning (or lack of), and length of the hikes. But they were content to nap the day away back in Canmore. But, we did bring them along for some of the easier treks and I think they enjoyed the adventure.

Make sure to check out the Hounds and Hiking Instagram gallery for more pictures from our trip.


The littles enjoying a forest walk in Banff.

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