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Juno Earns AAC Advanced Agility Dog of Canada Title

Juno earned her AAC Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title! I raced back and forth between the agility trial (with Juno) and the conformation show (with Mars), both happening in Kelowna over the long weekend. I felt like the dog handler version of Superman – pulling a dress on and off over top of my agility clothes as I travelled across town between the different venues.

Despite this less-than-optimal situation, Juno and Mars were both great sports and did a fantastic job (more on Mars in the next post!). It ended up being worth the effort. The AADC title has been difficult for Juno and I; because it has taken so much work to build her confidence, we would regularly be a couple seconds over time or pick up a random refusal somewhere along the way. Always so close yet so far! So, to me, this milestone represents a huge break-through for Juno.

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