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What You Appreciate When You Have Three (or More) Dogs

Two dogs was easy. Sure, Juno didn’t want to pee outside when it was raining. And maybe Oliver had some sharing issues. But, overall, it was good. A year apart in age, only a few pounds difference in size, best buds after just a few rocky months of settling in… why do we dog people always mess with a good thing?

…To make it even better, of course! Well, and perhaps we want a new puppy trained and ready to compete in some sports before the golden oldies are ready to retire. That’s neither here nor there.

Whatever the reason, there are a few things I have noticed. The first is that two dogs is usually a very reasonable number to regular folks. You know, the ones whose lives don’t revolve around being a doggy soccer mom. But three (or more!) and you are suddenly “the dog lady.” The other thing I have noticed is that I have come to appreciate some of the smaller things in life.

What I’ve come to appreciate since having three dogs:

  • Let’s just get this one out of the way first, since you probably know it is coming: synchronized poops. Yes, when they do their business at the same time and I can even use just one baggy to dispose of it all. Sheer bliss. Nothing beats it.
  • Good loose leash walking. Incredibly important for those living in the city with even one dog, let alone two. But with three dogs? The first day I successfully walked around the block with all three dogs was a big milestone; it called for a celebratory glass of wine (so what if I was going to have it either way?).
  • All of the animal parts! The number of miscellaneous animal pieces you can buy to occupy your dogs is astounding, not to mention genius. Just think of all the “bully sticks” and other bits that were once considered garbage. Now people are making a fortune. Well, good for them because euphemistically-named things like “elk windys” (turns out they are part of the larynx – not the end I was worried about) have bought me hours of peace and productive time. Take my money!
  • Wash and wear breeds. All three of my dogs need only occasional baths and ear cleans but regular toothbrushing (particularly the toy dogs) and constant nail trimming (the sighthounds – with Juno overlapping the toy and sighthound categories). A huge round of applause for those who have high maintenance grooming breeds. I don’t know how you manage.
  • Other people with several dogs. I try to embrace the dog lady label, but I must admit that it is nice not to feel like an oddball all of the time. Having some community with other dog people is fantastic.

Feeling the same way? Is there something else you’ve come to appreciate? Let me know in the comments!

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